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The Perks Of Renting

Let’s explore why renting just might make more financial sense for you. UPFRONT COSTS Renters can enjoy the benefits of significantly lower costs when applying for an apartment. Upfront costs can range from a security deposit equal to $150-1 month’s rent, administrative fees from $125-$275, and application fees from $45-$75 per applicant. Typical down payments to purchase a home are 10%-20% of the...

Tips For First Time Renters

Navigating the waters as a first time renter can be as scary as it is exciting! You’re preparing for a life on your own. Knowing where to start first can make a world of difference in avoiding some of the most common renter pitfalls. Budget is the single most important thing to consider when getting your first apartment. It is wise to not spend more than 30% of your gross monthly income on rent. Apart...

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