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“I was stressed out looking for a place to live, many people asked for a triple deposit. I reached out to LuxeLiving and they made it happen for me, they also began looking for an apartment for me just hours after I called them! They are courteous, effective and efficient they get results. Thank you for your help, the headache is gone!”
Lucke C.
LuxeLiving Renter

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Take all the stress out of finding your next place with LuxeLiving! We handle everything from doing the search, finding out who offers the best specials and scheduling tours. Same day service offered! 1st Time Renters, 2nd Chance Leasing, Immediate Moves, Relocations and Credit Challenges are all welcome! Contact a LuxeLiving agent today.

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“Before choosing to go with an apartment locating service I had tried applying for apartments on my own. I figured I was a first time renter and I should be good to get approved even if my credit was not all that great because I'm just really getting it started but to my surprise I was getting turned down left and right and being asked to pay ridiculous deposits on the ones that would approve me. I reached out to LuxeLiving and the same day they started working their magic for me! I was skeptical when we came to some blocks in the road but they are experts at what they do and they were able to get right thru them! Not only did they get me in the 1st choice property but they also got me all the perks without all the hassle. They were patient, they were honest and they were not willing to give up on me and I am truly grateful to them. They are people of their word and they are the people for the job! Give them a try and tell them that I sent you! You won't be sorry. I applied and was approved within 48 hours and it was the weekend!”
Aliyah G.
LuxeLiving Renter
“The services of LuxeLiving was a random shot in the dark of me using them but it was a blessing 1000%. My agent was caring, helpful and made my apartment searching easy and stress free. I would definitely recommend to others and use their services in the future.”
Rahsaan M.
LuxeLiving Renter

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